My Services

Social Media Management

Give the voice behind your company a chance to shout. I can design content for social media channels in a style to suit your business or brand. The level of involvement can be as little as scheduling a few posts to full management of your social media pages.


How are you getting your brand out there? I can provide innovative and creative marketing ideas to promote and grow your business in new and interesting ways.

Content Writing

You wouldn't buy a book with a bad blurb. Engaging written content is essential in communicating your message to your customers whether this is through e-newsletters, website content and/or promotional material.

Press Releases

Who is talking about you? I can write targeted press releases, reflecting the voice and style of your business, and ensure they get sent to the right people.

Recipe Development

If you need bespoke recipes creating for your products, with or without photography, my extensive experience in recipe development means I create new and interesting ideas for your products.